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Agriturismo Oliveta can offer many different activities. Apart from seasonal harvests, guests can enjoy helping out around the Agriturismo by feeding the chickens, collecting eggs, feeding the goats and milking, as well as finding out about the local produce, and how they are used in traditional recipes.

In mid-September you may help out with the grape harvest. Olives are collected around the end of October, depending on favourable weather. Figs are harvested twice a year in April and September.

The proprietor, Giovanna, will be pleased to show guests how to prepare many Cilento specialities, such as Sciurielli Frittate, Mulugnane M'buttunate and home-made Fusilli.

Below is a list of the dishes, with their English translations:
Sciurielli Fritte (Courgette Flowers fried in batter)
Mulugnane M'buttunate (Eggplant filled with bread crumbs, egg, cheese and flavouring)
Fusilli Casareccia (home-made Fusilli Pasta)
Torta Rustica (An egg-based savoury tart with salami, bacon and cheese)
Pizza Cilentano (Pizza made with cherry tomatoes, pecorino cheese and basil)
Torta Di Pera e Ricotta ( A sweet tart made with pears and ricotta cheese)
Biscottini (dry biscuits made with almonds, orange juice and nutmeg)

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